My Global Family

Our church has been spending a lot of time over the last month talking about where we are going as a church.  The conversation has been an intense one as we think about what God has specifically for us as Grace Fellowship for the next 3-5 years.  It has been really good and meaningful and I know I am excited about what this means for us a church family.

But often the focus on our church, can make us forget about THE church.  The church in the world that Jesus promised to build is so much larger than one local body, or even the local bodies in one country.  It is good to put things in front of believers to remind ourselves of our God being the God of the nations and that His church is for every tribe and tongue.

I love that my church is a part of a  family of churches.  A family of churches made up of believers from all around the world.  I love that my spiritual tribe is bigger than just my local tribe: it is a global tribe.  When I remember that God is at work in my spiritual family all over the world, my faith grows.  It even helps me have more hope and passion for my local church when I consider it through the lens of the global church.

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