Let’s Go

One night before bedtime, I was reading my daughter a book. We had just finished the chapter, and I was moving to close the book when she quickly said, “let’s keep going! I want to know what happens next.” The story was so compelling that she wanted more. What would happen next? How would the story end?
Grace Fellowship – this weekend, we get to “keep going,” and we get to see what happens next within the narrative of our church and what God has in store for us. It’s clear – He’s not done, and if He’s not done, then we’re not done.
Our church exists to help people live Jesus-centered lives, and the way that we do this is to help people Meet, Follow, and Share Jesus. And while this might sound like a fancy tagline, I’ve spent the last 13 years of my life, as your Pastor, seeing just this. I’ve seen hundreds of people, adults and students, who have been led to Christ. I’ve seen marriages redeemed and families saved. I’ve seen hundreds of volunteers give up their time and serve our Grace community one weekend after another, even fly across the world to share Jesus and provide much needed care and compassion. I’ve seen Grace outgrow 2 buildings. In fact, on our first weekend at the Pickerington campus, we had already outgrown the building before the first service started! I’ve seen Grace Fellowship build a reputation within our communities where, if we left, people would know it (not just because of the traffic). Just last weekend, a couple thousand of us came together to have a big party and celebrate being Grace Fellowship.
This weekend, we get to turn the page. We get to begin having conversations about the adventure God is going to take us on from our current “here” to the “there” we believe we are called to. If you call Grace home, I cannot stress this enough…please get here, and not just this weekend, but for all 4 weeks. We have 8 services across 3 locations…I have a feeling one of those could work for you.
Not all messages and sermon series are created equal, and this one is critical to our church story. Let’s keep the momentum rolling Grace Fellowship, and let’s see what God has in store for us. Let’s Go!

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