I was playing golf a couple weeks ago. I was teeing off on a par 5. I swung and let it rip. The ball took off and was heading about 200 hundred yards straight, and then it turned on its blinker and started heading right. (This is not abnormal for me when teeing off, although I am playing better these days. I digress…sorry).  I then notice the ball is heading for another golfer and his cart. I yell, FOUR! Homeboy does not even move. The ball drills the cart. I think, well this is going to be awesome when I drive up and say “sorry” as the idiot that just drilled his cart.

I drive up and say tell him “my bad” and how “I am really sorry for being that guy.” He looks at me and says how it is not a big deal at all. And then he said this: “Better golf balls then bullets. I have been to war. This is not a big deal at all.” Let’s just say this was not in any way the response I was expecting. I said I appreciate his grace and then drove away.

It got me thinking. You know what that guy had in that moment that is so powerful…perspective. Yes, an extreme perspective, but perspective none the less. Perspective that allowed him to process what could have bothered many in a way where it just rolled off his back. Perspective is a powerful thing. Perspective allows us to live life the way we want to really live it rather than the way we feel in the moment.

Consider the idea of the appropriate perspective you should have in life and ask the following:

  • Where am I emotionally off?
  • Where am I relationally connecting to the wrong team?
  • Where am I financially foolish?
  • Where am I scheduling inappropriately?
  • Where am I finding my identity?
  • Where could I change to put me on the path to where I really want to be?

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