Pick Up the Right One

With two 2 year olds around the house, there are toys pretty much all over the place all the time.  This was the case the other day in the living room. The twins had gotten out an assortment of goodies and sprawled it out across the carpet – there were trucks and dolls and puzzles and books. Amidst the display of Toys R Us on my floor, I noticed a toy mirror and some toy binoculars. I watched my daughter walk over and look at them both. In that moment, I could see her thinking through which one she would pick up. As she pondered the decision, a picture of life emerged through her decision over which innocent toy she would grab.

I think for many – your joy or lack of of joy, your hope or lack of hope, your contemned or lack of contentment, your security or lack of security – are found in whether you pick up the binoculars or the mirror. Picking up the mirror is the first step to comparison, and comparison is either the birth of depression or arrogance, neither of which go well with a cup of coffee in the morning. So much of our pain and frustration is built on the consistent habit of looking at other people’s decisions, habits, emotions and stuff.

I contend that there is power on the other side though when we pick up the mirror. The mirror puts us face to face with the person who, at the end of the day, is really in control and responsible for his or her life. So much happens to us that is out of our control and that we are not responsible for. But we are always on the hook to the image in the mirror with what we do with that stuff that happens. So much changes when we stop worrying about others and just focus on dealing with our struggles, insecurities, habits and thoughts.

Choose today to put down the binoculars and pick up the mirror. You will not regret your choice to process this life.

2 thoughts on “Pick Up the Right One

  1. As I read this I couldn’t help but think how can I help my wife who is in crisis right now. Dealing with an identity crisis at any point in life is hard. As we get older and face obstacles; some of our making and some not, it becomes increasingly harder to bounce back. So when she tells me she’s depressed it worries me. What are we doing wrong? Is it as simple as picking the mirror?

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