How to Easter at Grace Fellowship

Well it’s Easter week.  These are always incredible weeks for those of us deeply connected to a church.  Many churches have special events, unique services, times of reflections, larger attendances for weekend services as well as increased energy and involvement over the course of this week.  God has a way of uniquely moving during this time each year.

I wanted to encourage those of us who attend Grace Fellowship with some things to consider as we head into this week.

  • Get to one of the 10 services at the 3 locations.  Do whatever you have to do.  I really believe you will be blessed.  So move past any excuse (family sports, travel, sadness that the Masters is over) and just make it happen.
  • Please RSVP for the service you plan to attend.  RSVP for yourself and any person joining you that is 6th grade or over.  You can do that at  This really helps our team.  Thanks in advance.
  • Invite friend or many friends to join you for service.  Please do not say “no” for them.  The chances are greater that they will say yes.  Take the risk.  Life change may just be one invitation away for someone you love.
  • Help us pull off Eggsplosion.  We are hosting two Eggsplosions at two of our campuses.  Our Upper Arlington and Licking Heights campuses still need volunteers.  We are at crunch time.  Sign up to help us love our communities at
  • Be awesome in attending the service you choose.  This means be on time, be patient and kind, and scoot in the row you sit in.  With more people expected, you can be a blessing by being here early (you will be glad you did). Recognize that someone might take your seat and the parking lot might be a little more hectic than normal. Preparing for more people scooting in your row helps out a lot.
  • Pray that God moves.  Prayer works and is powerful.  Ask God to move over the course of this week in an incredible way.  Last year, the mother of one my best friends became a Christian on Easter.  Let’s pray for lots of stories like that.


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