That Little Plastic Ball

I was at a Cavaliers game not long ago with my son. It was between quarters and the cheerleaders and hype squad people came out and were throwing little plastic basketballs to the fans. So all around the arena, people were going crazy wanting one of these little plastic balls. This included my 11-year-old son. He was going nuts. He was jumping around and screaming. All for a ball that truth be told he has gotten before there and at other games. I am not sure he knows where any of those plastic balls are. I kept thinking “all of these people going crazy for something they will not care about in 48 hours.”

I feel like this a great microcosm of life. We all have the “little plastic balls” in our lives. It’s the thing that we work so hard for. The thing that led us to lose relationships. The thing the cost us our morality. The thing that we had to have because everyone else did. We got it and then we realized we did not even care. Maybe the great tragedy in life is not that we get what we want, but that we get what we want and realize it was the wrong thing in the first place. It seems as though we should really examine the object of our passions and count the cost before we just start praying the price.

One thought on “That Little Plastic Ball

  1. Interesting take on life. I believe many people go through life screaming for this or that but it is never enough. What really feels the dead, empty, lonely space is Jesus Christ. Worldly pleasures, belongings or wealth never truly satisfy. They can and are gone in the wind of a twister, the spark of fire or betrayal. Just gone are things of this world, he tells us he will never leave us, forsake us or not forgive us. He loves.

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