Shark Tank

I love when the potential and beauty of the church of Jesus is released.  I just love it.  Whenever I see the church at work through its people via the mobilization of local churches, I just smile.  It is so cool.  There are so many individuals and local churches that intentionally unleash generosity on people in need in incredibly creative ways.

The church I am part of works hard to do this.  I was so proud of our people recently through an initiative called Shark Tank.  The initiative, as you can guess, was patterned off of the popular show Shark Tank where entrepreneurs pursue the partnerships and dollars of wealthy investors (the sharks) to make their business/ invention/ product go forward.  Our church asked our Grace Groups to come up with ideas that their group would execute if given $1000.  Each group created its proposal and then submitted it to our staff.  After going through all the applications/ ideas, 10 groups were chosen to receive $1000 each for a total of $10,000  It was so cool to see what these groups did.  It is just awesome.  This video highlights some of what the Shark Tank winners were able to accomplish.


2 thoughts on “Shark Tank

  1. oh my goodness… this IS over-the-top awesome 🙂 what FUN! and creativity directed toward an incredibly positive “we WOULD be missed if we were gone” outcome. i’d LOVE to play 🙂 in the next “shark tank” 🙂

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