So Cool

I love seeing the power and potential of the local churched unleashed. This happens when a church serves the single moms and specials needs communities of a city. It happens when families choose to adopt and foster children to propagate a culture of life. It happens when a church leverages its facility to help the community. It happens when a church says to city officials: “what can we do to help” and then actually deliver on that help. It happens when the church works to be a peacemaker with groups that are divided. It happens when the people of a church live out their faith.

Our church, Grace Fellowship, does not get everything right by any means. We try and work hard to get things right. And this week, it has been so cool to watch. Our church is in the middle of Impact Week. We are sending out over a thousand people into the various communities our campuses are located in just to serve. I want to say that I am proud of our church when it behaves this way. Thank you to every single person who has gone out into our cities to make a difference. I love seeing the pictures online.  I love driving by a work site and seeing a sea of blue volunteer shirts. I love hearing the “thank yous” from the entities that are being blessed. This encourages me.

For those who attend Grace, the week is still full of good stuff. We have a worship night, Sing, on Friday evening at the Pickerington Campus. And then at each service this weekend at all campuses, we have a surprise serving opportunity for the entire church.  I am excited to see how the week finishes up. So far, it has been so cool to watch the church be the church.

2 thoughts on “So Cool

  1. I have attended Grace-Pickerington about 6-7 times now and each time is amazing. Everytime I leave it makes me feel like I should be more involved. I would like to actually work within the church. I just pray that the lord moves me into a position that I am able to worship and provide for my family in the same place. Pray for me!!!

  2. Pastor Keith .. I absolutely love your services you speak to my heart and I leave with such over pouring faith .. I don’t get to church a whole lot . We have met on different occasions. I went through a divorce three years ago and struggle everyday of my life. I’m have 3 children ( older) one in school. I work part time and go to college full time. I graduate next year! I now have dreams and goals for
    My life when I have never had any. I am asking for you to pray for me . My health is not the best. I get sick a lot and have had many surgeries. I struggle. Money is tight. I pray for the roof over my children’s head and food in their stomachs The lord has always provided for me in many ways I don’t deserve. I hope one day I am financially stable enough to give back to my community. Thank you for taking the time to read this and praying for me as I will pray for you and the church.

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