Sometimes you just need to get some things off of your chest. Here are some confessions I just need to make.

  1. I struggle to understand how people like shows with zombies at the center of the plot.
  2. I like Taylor Swift’s music.
  3. I do not understand how you can not like Chick-fil-A.
  4. Parenting is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.
  5. I secretly want to train to be a chef.
  6. Navigating life by a scooter as a result of an achilles tendon rupture requires swallowing your pride.
  7. God is teaching me some valuable lessons about joy.
  8. I think I am pretty close to saying I am done with rollercoasters.
  9. While my oldest kids have been asleep recently I have been contemplating releasing their turtles and gerbil into the wild and making up a tale of something that happened to them.
  10. I thought the newest Star Wars was just kind of ok.

Ok…I feel better.

One thought on “Confessions

  1. 1 – 5 Absolutely
    6 & 7 Prayers
    8 — Your kids are too young for you to be done with roller-coasters – šŸ™‚
    9 – LOL- but not nice!
    10 – Yep

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