The Problem Is People

Everywhere I look I see people.  And let me be honest, I wish a lot of them would get out of the way.  They slow me down in traffic and at the grocery store.  They often don’t agree with me and they approach life with different goals and objectives.  These people hurt me, expect things from me, disappoint me and criticize me.  I turn around and do the same stuff to them.  People just make it all really challenging to navigate the day to day.  Truth is it does not matter whether these people are strangers, colleagues, friends or my own family.

We are created to be relational beings and yet this is so hard.  Relationships are a source of our greatest joys and trials.  Is there a way to solve the riddle, the puzzle, the problem that is people?  At Grace Fellowship, we are going to take 5 weeks and have some conversations about this.  I really hope you join us this week at one of our campuses as we begin to think through how to live in a world of people and not go crazy.


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