Leading Leadership

Leadership and authority are not the same thing. You may have a position over people and you force people to do things. I guess in the crudest sense this is leadership, but it is certainly not good leadership. I believe many people confuse some important realities of leadership. It does not matter whether you work in athletics, business, politics, or ministry, there are some principles that must be grasped. It’s true even in the area of family. There are some sobering truths that leaders must be aware of: Leadership is intoxicating. People start to think the thing they are connected to is about them. Leadership is also a gift. It is a privilege that should be stewarded well.

At the core of all this is an understanding between leadership and talent. And although there is the talent in leadership, there is an important reality to grasp: Talent is shown in your presence, while leadership is shown in your absence. Why is that true? How is that true?

  • Leadership is meant to empower others.
  • Leadership is meant to help others succeed.
  • Leadership is about pulling out other’s intelligence and gifts, not simply maximizing yours.
  • Leadership is about moving others to accomplish what they did not ever believe was possible.
  • Leadership builds people by doing what the right thing is, not what the popular thing is.
  • Leadership rejoices in the wins of others.
  • Leadership provides environments that set others up for progress outside of your presence.

A key moment in your leadership maturation happens when you care about how far the people you lead will go more than you care about how far you will go.



One thought on “Leading Leadership

  1. Pastor Keith,
    This is one of the best well written blogs that can speak to almost everyone. Thank you for sharing as it sheds light on what I do in life, the church and with family. This is very multi-level and can be utilized indefinitely.

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