We are Having a Baby

No, not Kelly and I. We are good with the four we have. I mean goooood.  And we don’t want to risk another set of twins. I digress….but Grace Fellowship is having a baby. We are multiplying yet again. In 2015, we were able to add a kid to the Grace Family in our Upper Arlington Campus. We are excited about what God is doing there and we look forward to the future. We are actively searching for a campus pastor for Upper Arlington. We have outreaches planned for the area. We see more and more people volunteering. The days to come look bright.

Now back to our new baby. We are incredibly excited that on Easter Sunday, March 27, we will have the first public service at our Licking Heights Campus. We will be meeting at Licking Heights High School. We will launch with two services and are hoping to have somewhere between 350-500 people who feel called from the Pickerington campus to grab hold of the mission of this new campus. Pastor Jeremiah has been busy building his core staff and team for this launch. It is an amazing opportunity our church has been given.

Our Pickerington campus has over 280 families that live north of Interstate 70 who attend Grace Fellowship. For many of those people, they live 20 minutes or further from the campus. We are hoping this group of people who live in areas like Pataskala, Blacklick, Gahanna, Reynoldsburg, and New Albany will grab this vision and begin attending and serving at the new campus. If you fall into that demographic, would you prayerfully consider your involvement with the Licking Heights Campus? If you’re interested in more information, or would like to be involved in this campus, please take this brief survey.

This is an incredible time of multiplication in our church. The best days are yet ahead.


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