I have been terrible about writing posts for awhile.  I have every intention of changing that and beginning to post more often.  We will see how that goes.  But here goes for today.

Steph Curry (who I love) and the Golden State Warriors (who I really like and think are very good) kicked the snot out of my Cavaliers last night.  That is probably the most understated thing I have said in a long time.  As I was watching the game and watching Steph play so well, I was reminded of something I had watched about him  and his family.

Most basketball fans know that Steph is the son of an NBA player, Dell Curry.  I was watching a special on the rise to success that Steph has gone through, and throughout the show were several interviews with his father.  His father was telling a story from not long ago about how Steph was playing in Charlotte.  Dell is a commentator the Charlotte TV broadcasts of the Hornets games.  So Dell was calling his son’s game.  The interviewers were asking him about it, and as he discussed it, he said something I just loved.  He said, “It is awesome to watch your son not only succeed, but succeed at level far greater than you as their parent.”  I loved this.  I have heard several things like it before, but this time, I locked onto it.

This quote from Dell drove me to this thought.  What if Christian moms and dads prayed for their sons and daughters to have more fruitful ministries than they ever had themselves and to have greater Godly character than they ever lived?  You may say every parent wants more for their kid – and maybe they do.  But I think this is mostly true for people as far how much money their kids make or how successful they are at business or athletics or whatever.  What if, instead of that, what we really were after for our kids was success in the spiritual arena?  So we what if we prayed, trained, modeled, served and loved to that end?  What if told them to their faces that we want them to go further than we ever did and we are going to pray to that end.

I hope some day my 4 children have a ministry and influence and character that goes further and far exceeds anything I ever have or will have had.

4 thoughts on “Further

  1. Keith, that is such an excellent point. I have not prayed in that way for my four grown-up kids. That will change.

    A side note: As a lifetime WI Badger fan, having grown up and lived forty years in Madison…I remember (not so long ago) when Traevon Jackson was our fine point guard. Jim Jackson occasionally did the color for BTN basketball games at Kohl Center, and let slip once a very subtle comment about his son’s character. Don’t remember how specific it was to the point of your post, but I got the impression the Jackson family may be a believing one.

  2. God blessed me with a special child late in life and I thank him for instilling such love for Jesus in Matt. I have to say some days I feel like the kid and he is the parent. He is definitely a spiritual mentor to me.

  3. I love that Katie Snyder has far exceeded what I hoped and prayed for… that God has taken her further than even my prayers reached. She is creating a family legacy that I hope and pray the Lord blesses for generations to come.

  4. Keith,
    As a Father of 11 adult children, that has been my hope for each of them. And as I pray for them each day, I do ask our heavenly Father to expand their territory and to grow them in the true knowledge of Him each day to further His kingdom.
    My prayer is that all true followers of Christ raise their children with these goals in mind for them.
    God’s blessings on you and your family.
    Gerry B

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