This post is intended for people who go to church.  It is intended for those who attend any church, but particularly those who go to what are known as megachurches (churches that have 2000 or more in weekly attendance).

There are many things that people think and assume about the operation and reality of a church. Some of those assumptions and thoughts match reality. But often many do not. One area where people make calls about the church is the need for more volunteers. Especially in a big church, it can look like every spot that needs filled is filled. It can look like everything is humming along without any bumps. It can look as though there are needs.   But truth is, this is a myth.

Here are four common myths people believe that keep them from volunteering at a church:

  1. Although it would be great to have more volunteers, we really do not need more.  It can appear this way, but it is just not true. Almost every ministry in any church could use more help. Churches get good at figuring out how to make something work each and every week. But the truth is, your church, my church, any church needs help. I bet if you asked your children’s director, youth pastor, or welcome team leader if there is space to serve, he or she would probably hug you.
  2. Performing the task a volunteer performs is simply a means to an end.  I know that in a big church it can feel like serving or volunteering is only about keeping the “big machine” moving forward. Of course, there is truth to this. But here is the whole truth, when you volunteer, you are changed. You are changed by the people you serve and serve with. You are changed by the selflessness it takes to volunteer consistently. You grow. Volunteering becomes a critical part of your discipleship process.
  3. You have to be an adult to serve. I can not speak for every church.  But at Grace Fellowship, this is absolutely not true. We have junior high and high school students alike who volunteer regularly. We even have elementary students who are volunteering within ministries. We want people of every age to own the church and not just rent it. The younger a person can understand how to be selfless and care for others, the better.
  4. I am not spiritually mature enough to a volunteer at a church. Many people think that they need have certain number of Bible verses memorized or that they need to feel comfortable praying out loud. At Grace Fellowship, there are things you can do even if you are not a Christian. There are volunteer opportunities for brand-new Christians. There are certain roles that demand the person be a Christian and have certain amounts of maturity and knowledge, but certainly is not every role. I believe getting involved right where you are is a critical piece to taking the next step in your faith.

Here is the reality: The local church is missing the benefits of you serving, and you are missing the benefits of serving the local church. So take the step. Get involved. Don’t believe the myths.

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