I have twins.  I am getting used to saying this.  It has been almost a year since Kooper and Kamille were born to my wife and I.  K&K are becoming quite mobile.  They are crawling everywhere and they are getting good at it.  Slowly they are pulling themselves up and walking around things.  It will not be long until they are walking.  But they can’t walk yet.  They can’t jog or skip or sprint.  But they can move.  And they move in the way they are able to at this current stage.

As I watch the twins crawl day after day, I am reminded of something that is so critical and it is an idea that helps me in my faith.  As a Christian, I want my life to look like Jesus.  I really do.  I fail and am eternally grateful for His grace and forgiveness.  And because I want my life to look like Christ’s, I strive to have my heart and mind move towards the person of Jesus.  But there are days, where it just feels like I can’t walk, or jog, or run toward my Savior.  These feelings and certain realities of life keep me from moving towards Jesus as fast as I want.  They are real things.  They are not fabricated.  They stink and keep me from moving as fast as I want on that day, in that season or in this stage.

But I committed to something.  Each day I want to move closer to Jesus even if the only movement I can do that day is crawl towards Him.  Because a little movement is better than none.  Taking up your cross each day and dying to yourself is hard.  And some days it is harder than others.  But we can resolve to keep moving inch by inch.  Jesus left heaven and earth to moved towards us.  So let’s keep moving towards Jesus and His character and His teachings even if I am crawling.

2 thoughts on “Crawling

  1. Absolutely a crawl toward Jesus is better than nothing. Some days I feel so useless but then I remember I can always pray and that is something. Every day that I can get out of bed and have my coffee is an awesome gift from God and I am so thankful for a sound mind (although my kids would dispute that on occasion) and a body that can still move around. God Bless you Pastor Keith and keep the good news coming.

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