How To: Easter at Grace Fellowship

I wanted to take this blog to encourage those who call Grace Fellowship home to think through your Easter experience.  Here are some ways to really make Easter incredible and to serve your church.

  • Get to one of the 5 services – get rid of the excuses and just make it happen
  • Make a reservation for you seat and those joining you (this is for anyone who will be in the main – 7th grade and older) –  Go to this link and do it right now.  You will be helping out our team more than you know.
  • Invite a friend – take the risk.  There is a greater chance he or she will say yes for Easter.  Go for it.
  • Scoot in the row you are sitting – We expect lots of people and we want them to have the best experience possible and we want them to have a place to sit.  Do not be that person who sits at the end and leaves three empty seats.
  • Be patient and kind – I should not have to say that.  But holidays with more people and more traffic can sometimes bring out the worst in us all.  Someone might take “your seat.”  The parking lot may take longer to empty.  No matter what.  Chill and enjoy the day and be a great host.
  • Pray for God to move – Prayer works.  Ask God to move during our services at Grace in an incredible way.
  • Go to Easter Eggsplosion – here are the details.

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