Campus Pastor Position

At the one year anniversary of being in our new building at Grace Fellowship, it was announced to the whole church that we are planning to launch a new campus around Easter of 2016.  This campus is going to be about 15 to 20 minutes north of our current building.  It looks as though we are looking at a portable church model as far as the location.

It is going to be an incredible opportunity for our church.  The plan is to launch with 200-250 adults and around 150 children.  The campus will leverage video teaching from the sending campus 70% of the time and live teaching the other 30%.  The rest of the weekend experience will be pretty much identical to that of the sending campus.

Grace is a church that has been experiencing incredible growth for the last decade.  I believe (I am biased) Grace is an incredible place to attend, to serve at, and to work for.  It is a really unique movement that God is doing here.  And being a part of the team is an amazing privilege and opportunity.

We are in the process of looking for someone to fill the role of campus pastor at this new campus.  Here are some key traits/abilities this person has to be able to have in this role.

  1. preach – the candidate needs to be a strong preacher
  2. team builder – the candidate needs to be able to work with a small campus staff that will be going with the launch and build effective volunteer teams
  3. shepherd – the candidate is going to be responsible for a 300-400 person church out of the jump.  He is going to need to be able to engage, care for and connect with a mass.
  4. leader – the candidate needs to be able to sell vision.  It is important that the campus pastor has some gift of influence to move people in a direction.
  5. Grace infected – the candidate needs to believe in the brand of Grace Fellowship.  The person will need to buy into the ministry philosophy approach and style that makes Grace Grace.

If you are someone who attends Grace Fellowship, we would ask that you continually pray for this search.  And if you are however interested in this position, please send your resume to

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