Check Engine Light

The other day my “service engine soon” light came on.  I can not even put into words what this does to my soul.  I know nothing about fixing cars personally.  And I know that others who fix them, charge a lot.  That makes for a bad combination.  So here I am almost a week later and I have been driving around with those stupid yellow words staring in my face.

I have noticed something happen.  Every day that goes by I am less concerned by the light.  I see it less and less.  I notice it less and less.  My emotional reaction to what it signifies is shrinking and so on.  Basically I am becoming desensitized to the potential threat that it beckons.  And as I think about that, I realize how dangerous that is.  The light comes on for a reason.  It is to let us know that something is off. Something is broken.  Something needs fixed.  And ignoring this is not wise.

This triggered something in my mind.  I think God sends people check engine lights all the time and we ignore them.  The light shows up in the form of people, consequences, a feeling, conscience, other people’s situation, scripture, sermons and so on.  God is showing His love by sending us the light.  Ignoring that light is foolish.  And here is the thing, the longer the distance between the time the light flicks on and the time we address it, the more ok with the potential problem we become.  Bottom line, just like I need to get my car to the shop quickly, some of us need to get our souls to the great physician as soon as the warning signs surface.

2 thoughts on “Check Engine Light

  1. I’ve been looking at a pretty yellow “ABS” light for a couple months. Your message was true on both accounts. Timely message for me. By the way my husband and son are pretty handy on cars if you need them to look at it.:)

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