We often get to a place where we are driven not by one conscious, big decision, but by many small decisions that don’t seem like big deals in the moment.  The series of slow decisions results in a fade.  It’s a fade we did not always plan on.  It’s a fade we were not aiming for.  But over time, what we once were saying was “just the exception” becomes the norm before we even realize it.

Let me speak for pastors and church leaders throughout central Ohio (and I trust many other areas). The weather has been rough and it has affected your church attendance and inviting others.  You may say, “Yeah, the weather has been terrible and I am just not doing it.”  I could object and say that you do not feel that way about the basketball game or dance competition. But let me extend grace and say that I get it.  Safe is smart.  But here is the thing.  I know this and so does every church leader.  The two weekends fades into chronic absenteeism from church and no involvement.  This is what happens.  It just does.  You are not planning it, and you are not saying you want it, but before you know it, this is where you are.

So here is my challenge to you.  Stop any potential for the fade as it pertains to the issue of worship service attendance and just get to church this weekend.  Make it happen.  No excuses.  The weather should be more than conducive.  If you have been gone, get back.  If you have been hesitant to invite, invite.  Draw a line in the sand and do it.  For those reading this who attend Grace Fellowship, come on, you have 4 options over 2 days.  It is more than doable.  It takes an intentional effort to resist the unintentional fade.  This is true in any type of fade.  So be intentional and say “I will be there.” Say “I will invite.”

One thought on “Fade

  1. How do you do that? I’ll be sitting there listening to the serman , and there it is just like your talking to me. You could even say ,do you hear me Carol. Will I was just sitting here thinking I don’t want to go tonight.(Wensday night) Opened my EMail there you were. So I’m calling this a God thing and will be there tonight.

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