Daddy Issues

I love my kids.  I do.  I talk about them quite a bit in messages I give at Grace.  In those messages I often joke about them, share funny things they did or say and even profess how sometimes I want to sell them on Craig’s List.  Reality is, I am so fortunate to have 4 kids.

My oldest is a nine year old boy, Kaden.  In many ways, it is easiest for me to connect to him.  He is a boy.  He is the oldest.  The twins (4 months old) are not great at communication and Kaiya (6 year old) is a girl and that is foreign territory for guys no matter what age.  But on top of all the above mentioned reasons is the reality that Kaden loves sports.  I mean loves.  Not just playing, but watching and talking sports.  The kid wakes up early for school so he can watch old college football games and Kyrie Irving highlights.  (Side note:  Thank you Ohio State Buckeyes for winning the National Championship.  It provided a really memorable hug with my son and I will never forget his expression when he said, “Dad, we did it!”)  The kid has it bad for sports.  I would love him if he didn’t, but it bonds us.

The other day Kaden and I were in the car.  Just the two of us heading somewhere.  He wanted to talk about the upcoming OSU vs Oregon game.  So he talked.  And talked.  And asked.  And pondered and talked.  And proclaimed.  And pontificated.  And declared.  And he kept going.  At one point, he could tell I was not interested.  I was checking out.  He said, “Dad, you are not even listening to me.”  I tried to quickly make up something.  In my heart, I knew he was right.  Then something hit me.  I try to be a good dad, but there are moments I just do not care or want to talk to my kids.  And then something went off in my mind, that convicted me and excited me.  My heavenly Father is never disinterested or unavailable when I have something to say to Him.  As I often am, I was reminded of my daddy issues and failures as a father contrasted with the perfection and love and character of my heavenly Father.  He always listens. He always cares.  He always has time.  He always want to engage His kids.  So talk away.  Pontificate, ponder, theorize, speculate, question, proclaim all day long.  There is a dad who cares.

3 thoughts on “Daddy Issues

  1. THAT IS SO TRUE. I can’t believe how I take my daddy God for granted and he loves me in the most profound way anyway. Father I love you and thank you for walking and listening to me every hour of every day. Thank you for reminding me of my Father’s love and concern for me as I am alone this week..yet I am so not alone.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes! As a busy mom, I ma guilty of the same thing at times. I am glad to remember that my heavenly Father is always ready to hear from me and is never disinterested! Thanks for this reminder!

  3. Boy did you hit a sore spot…Daddy issues are something that all of us as humans have. We just need to remember that there is only one true father and he will never foresake us. He is always available, always true and always present

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