Which Are You

I was driving on the highway not long ago, and there was a pretty substantial car accident that had taken place.  I was annoyed because of all the “rubber neckers” who were looking to the at the accident, causing my commute to slow down.

As I drove by, I did the exact same thing everyone else did and I looked on.  I noticed three groups of people interacting with those who crashed.  There were random onlookers, the police and then the paramedics.

The onlookers were there, yet were uninvolved.  The police were there to figure out who was wrong or right; their job is to assign blame. The paramedics showed up, and their job was help to serve.

I drove away thought about this and this event intersected with a sermon I had heard and something hit me:  When the world thinks about the church, which group would they most closely identity to the church?

My heart hurt when unfortunately I concluded that they would say we are either more like the crowd of onlookers or, worse yet, the police there to assign blame.  The church of Jesus Christ should be known more for its desire to care for others than its desire to correct them.  In my soul, I moved from the we of the church, to the me of Keith.  I thought about which group I am most closely associated with.  I want to be a paramedic more than the police or the indifferent people.  How about you?

2 thoughts on “Which Are You

  1. I think I am a paramedic! I would like to believe that the only times I’m an onlooker is when I just don’t know what to do….

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