I was praying about something the other night and noticed something really interesting.  As I was communicating my heart and thoughts to God, I noticed a phrase that I was repeating in my silent prayer.  I kept saying how God “I trust you with this.”  And how “I need you to show up in this.”  As I got done praying something hit me.  Why was I saying “this”?  Why not everything?  Why not it all?  Why was I leaning into Him on this issue and in this moment?

I quickly was convicted about how many times I must be guilty of this.  I was reminded of an incredible truth.  I should trust God with all of it, all the time.  Not only should I, but why wouldn’t I want to.  God is so good.  So capable.  So gracious.  He is truly the only one worth fully trusting with anything and any moment.  I don’t want to be a person who only runs to God and asks or gives or credits Him with this or that, I want to engage Him in it all.  Not only do I want to, I need to.

One thought on “This

  1. Words of wisdom Pastor Keith. We need to and should involve Him in everything in our life. He loves me so much and I feel so inadequate in returning my love to Him.

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