Those of us who are Christians, evangelicals, we want other people to be Christians.  We do and we always will.  I know this is not always popular, but in our heart we believe Jesus is God, that He loves every person and that He wants to be in relationship with you. We want everyone to have the experience of personally knowing their Creator.

Now, what we know is that when it comes to embracing the faith of Christianity, there are things that are just hard to believe.  They just are.  There are things that are hard for me to accept and I know there are things that are difficult for you to accept as well.  I want Grace Fellowship to be a place where we can talk honestly about the real things people struggle to believe as it relates to the Christian faith.

Over the next 3 weekends at Grace, we are going to talk about 3 common dealbreakers to faith in Jesus:  the idea of the miracles in the Bible, personal doubts, and the issue of evil.  This is going to be an incredible series for you to attend and to invite someone who struggles to believe in the claims of Christianity.

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