Stop Fighting

Many of you know that my wife and I were blessed with twins on September 1.  Kooper and Kamille have joined our family and we are so grateful.  For the record, twins is no joke.  It is very difficult on a bunch of levels.  Nights are more sleepless, baby stuff is everywhere, the smell of spit-up is normal and there are plenty of messy diapers.  I was changing Kamille the other day.  She needed a fresh diaper and some new clothes.  As I was attempting to change and dress her, she was wiggling and moving all over the place.  She would tense up.  She would stretch out.  She would move her arms all over the place.  I kept thinking,  “Just stop.  Be still.  Let daddy do his thing.  Stop fighting me.”  I just wanted her to let me, as her father, guide and direct her into what she needed next.  And she kept resisting.  She kept fighting.  She continued to want to do her own thing.

As I was thinking through her reaction to my efforts, I could not help but be smacked in the face with a spiritual reality.  Life works best when we stop fighting our heavenly Father and let Him lead.  How many times has God been trying to “change me,” and I have tensed up, stretched out, wiggled away and in general just made the process difficult?  What would happen if you and I leaned into God’s direction for our lives and did not fight against it?  The best for each of us comes when we stop fighting and start following our heavenly Father.

3 thoughts on “Stop Fighting

  1. At sixty years of age, I am FINALLY starting to get just a bit better at recognizing when I begin to “take the wheel”; and once realizing it, actually let God drive/lead. His plan for me always turns out better than when I goof up and follow “my” plan. Took a long time, but life is so much easier when I simply let go. He can handle it without my “help”.

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