Eat Up

I have heard it said that you can not out-train a bad diet.  As much as I wish this was not true, I am finding that to absolutely be the case.  I can run 3 miles a day all the time, but it will have limited impact on a daily consumption of Five Guys and Coldstone.  You are always going to be fighting an uphill battle if what you ingest is not good.  It does not take a rocket scientist to arrive at this conclusion regarding our physical bodies and well-being, but it absolutely true with your spiritual state.  Simply put, your life will reflect what you ingest.  You can not “out-train” a bad diet in your walk with the living God.  You can serve, give and attend, and this will produce some fruit.  But healthy fruit originates with healthy roots, and this begins with what you are ingesting.  You can’t substitute for the vegetables of time in God’s word and time in dialogue with God.  These are basics of a healthy diet that will both fuel your training and sustain you when life keeps you from regular times in training.  So find time with God and hear His voice.  Get time in the Bible.  Make sure your spiritual diet has the right components and eat up.

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