Not Why, Because

I was taking 2 of my kids to school the other day.  I said to both of them that I am proud of them.  I was just saying how much I love the kids and that they make me happy.  My daughter then said this to me.  “What did I do that makes you proud of me?”  I said to her “it is not about what you did, I just do.”  She said, “but why are you proud, I did not do anything.”  I looked at her and then began to explain to her how I am not proud of her or do not love her based on what she does, but just BECAUSE she is my child.

I could not have this conversation with my kids without going to the heart of my Heavenly Father.  And it is actually understanding this core value at the heart of God that keeps us from a lot religious danger.  There is a huge truth that so many miss.  God is proud of you.  God is proud of you not based on a why in you, but because of the heart in Him.   You did not earn his attention.  He freely gives it.  He does not love you based on performance, but based on his character.  This is the incredible part of being God’s kid.

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