You Say It’s Your Birthday

It’s my birthday too.  I had a birthday this week.  I turned 36.   The math says that this means on average I am near the middle of my life.  That thought is crazy.  That said, my life is too filled by incredible things for me to even try to describe in words.  As I reflect on what just may be the half way point of my life, there are some things that have become crystal clear.  I feel like these learnings have really been shaping my life in recent years.  Here are some things that in my 36 years I am more convinced off than ever:

  • I have only one to honor and no one to impress – trying to make everyone like value or thing you are great is exhausting and to be honest a waste of time.  It makes more sense to filter everything through honoring my Creator in how I treat and view others and myself.  If I start there everything else falls into place and I can sleep well at night.
  • Do not spend energy on what you can not control – there is a lot of life that is simply out of my control.  The list of what falls into this category is endless.  I will work my butt off in the areas I can shape, but if something is not in that category I need to give that as little emotional and physical energy as possible.
  • Know the season and capitalize on it – life goes in rhythms.  Some days, weeks and months are busier than others.   And then others are slower.  There are times to spend and times to save.  I could keep going.  But here is the thing.  The season will change.  The kids will grow.  The work load will shift or change.  See the season you are in and figure out to maximize it (even if it is a difficult one).
  • Read – there are a lot of smart people out there.  Take advantage of the access to information.  Our American culture is slowly becoming post-literate.  We can read, we just don’t.  I think this is a huge mistake.  Work hard to read 15 minutes a day.
  • Who you marry is crucial – our culture has made marriage like having a long term boyfriend or girlfriend.  I can understate how dangerous this is.  Attach your life to someone with great wisdom and discretion.  It is impossible for me to consider how I would be able to be who I am and do what I do with out my wife.  Get this decision right.

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