The Po Po

As I was heading to pick up my son at soccer practice the other night, I was driving through a section of road that has a speed limit of 35mph.  (Truth be told, I think it should be higher, but they did not ask me.)  I was going about 13 mph faster than I was allowed and I came around a corner, only to see a cop just waiting for me.  I passed the car and waited for the beautiful blue lights to turn on.  They never did.  I slowed down, said a prayer of thanks and kept driving.

I went and picked up my son and headed home.  I had to go the exact route home.  As I approached that section of road, mental alarms sounded off and I made sure my speed was appropriate.  The cop was not there, but, more than that, I was driving the legal speed limit.

As I passed where the cop was, I had a random thought. How many times have I ignored warnings for consequences I should have received?  Have I confused the grace for permission?  I then started to think of all the ways warnings show up and how, at the end of the day, we should be thankful for those who graciously warn us.  Because ultimately the Po Po is there to protect us.  We can all learn to be grateful for the various cops around corners in our lives.

  • Mom and dad’s curfew and rules should not be resented
  • The youth worker who confronts your life is not just “judging” you
  • Deadlines in school are not bad things
  • Speed limits should not be ignored
  • Your friend who says the relationship is a bad idea is not jealous
  • The coach who addresses your work ethic is not old school

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