Just Go Back

I have seen it happen so many times.  You are not even sure how it happened.  You did not want to end up there.  You do not even feel like it happened on purpose.  But you have drifted from church.  You just have quit going.  You are not even sure why.  It was not even like something happened.  You did not get mad.  There was not fight or a split.  You did not get angry with some teaching.  Just one week you missed because you were sick.  Then the next weekend you had to go to Grandma’s for a birthday.  Then you had to catch up with something at home and then a soccer tournament.  And before you know it, it’s been 4 months and you have not gone to a worship service at church.

I am going to say what may seem obvious, but yet is so hard to put into real time.  Just go back to church this week.  This week commit to going back.  No matter what you have planned or were going to do, just make it happen.  I can not explain it, but something happens.   The longer you stay away, the harder it is to get back in the habit of making church a priority.  If you fit the description of drifting, just put a stake in the ground and stop the drift.  Just go back.

One thought on “Just Go Back

  1. This is so true. Thanks for the encouraging words. I’ve let a few Sundays slip. Headed back. God always knows what we need right when we need it. Thank you, Lord for your gentle nudge.(sp)

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