An Invitation

Pastors like me get up on a platform with mic and we tell the people in our churches to be sure they are inviters.  We tell them this all the time, but especially around a holiday week like Easter.  We say it and just assume everyone wants to invite others and knows how to do it.  These are two rather large assumptions.  I am not going to speak to the I do not want to invite people one, but I will speak to the I am not sure how to issue.  And there are times where I do not how is connected to I do not want to.

I think inviting people to both church and to hear and understand the gospel is something Christians should be regularly doing.  It is an extension of how we love people in my opinion.  We invest in people.  We say we love them.  And then we never invite them to whatever we love.  (This is not just a church thing, but about any relationship where we love someone and then do not invite them to join in with us in our joy.)  Investment without invitation is incomplete.

Here are somethings to consider when inviting someone to your church for any event.  I think these will be helpful for those prayerfully considering inviting someone this Easter weekend.

  1. Tell the person you love them.  Be sure you make sure the person knows that the heart of this ask is that you value him or her as a person.  You know that he or she may not be into church and may react.  The individual may even be offended.  But soften that by saying this comes from a place where I love you and would love to connect you to something I think shows I love you.
  2. Tell the person what to expect.  Give the person clear expectations.  This is about how long the service will go.  This is what you should wear.  Your kids will go here.  There will be awesome coffee.  Information helps bring comfort and confidence.
  3. Give the person incentive.  Tell the individual that if he or she goes with you to church, you will go with him or her to one of his or her things.  Offer to buy lunch.  Tell the person you will meet him at the front door.  You will save seats.  You will pick her up.  Create reasons to make the yes easier.
  4. Make individual asks.  Social media has created a culture where we make blanket asks.  Those are not nearly as effective as eye ball to eye ball or an individual call or text.
  5. Accept the person’s answer.  Do not keep pressing.  Do not be rude.  Honor the person and thank him or her for even considering.
  6. Invite to something non-church related soon.  If you love the person, you should want to be with the person.  People see through the you just want me at church only thing.  Ask the person to come over for dinner or go to a movie or go shopping.  But within a short person of time ask the person to be a part of your life at something else.

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