The Point is People

I love seeing people experience life-change for the better.  My job allows me to have a front row seat for this all the time.  It is so incredible to watch people how God can and does change a person.  It is also so amazing to see all the people who give in countless ways to provide environments for people to experience this life change.  So many give so much so that real people can get connected to God.  I love being part of a church will many give their church away with hope of reaching those who are not yet a part of our community.

With Easter approaching, I think you should watch this clip.  It contains some testimonies of people at Grace Fellowship whose lives have been changed by Jesus.  God used a local church, Grace Fellowship, to connect real people to real hope.  One of the individuals shared how it was at Easter service last year where she became a Christian.  Her testimony and the rest of the testimonies on this clip should inspire you to invite someone to join you wherever you attend church this weekend.  And if you are not a church goer, it should encourage you to check out a church this Easter weekend.

Grace Fellowship: be sure sure to be inviting some one to join you this weekend and be sure you are reserving your tickets.

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