The Blessed Life

We throw the word blessed around in our culture all the time.  We say it so much and in so many different environments that I am pretty sure we have unloaded it of any real meaning.  We start a new series at Grace Fellowship this weekend where we want to try and understand how a person really has a blessed life.  What is at the core of the blessed life?  How do we really see the blessed life take shape?  And as we navigate this topic we will not only clearly relate the content to our personal lives, but also to the vision and mission of Grace Fellowship as a local church.

Hope to see you here this weekend: Saturday at 4:30 or Sunday at 9:30 & 11:30.

One thought on “The Blessed Life

  1. I too feel that the use of the word blessed is over used. However, when I use it, my intent is to open the door of opportunity to tell my story about Jesus. I also perk up when someone talks about a blessing to ask the right questions and find out if that person has a personal relationship with Jesus. Just another ice-breaker to share God’s glory.

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