The Blacklist

I know it can sound like hyperbole and just plain ridiculous about my enthusiasm for something over and over at Grace.  But I am pretty sure I should be excited with each new thing as our church keeps moving forward.  In fact the alternative seems pretty pathetic.  I would hate if I attended, and in my case worked, at a church where the leadership was not excited about what is coming next.

We start a new sermon series this weekend at Grace.  I think it is going to be really good stuff.  I think it going to be an awesome 4 weeks.  I can not stress enough how good this series will be to invited someone.  We will be tackling some content that unfortunately many churches are often very quiet about.  I hope to see you there and to have you bring a friend or ten.

2 thoughts on “The Blacklist

  1. I’m so excited about a new series. Hated missing yesterday. Matt and Erin are out of town and I am spending alone time with just God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for a few days. I’m praying I can decrease enough to hear His voice during this quiet time.

  2. It was a great start to a great message. These things need to be addressed. I know I have done and allowed it to happen. We had an issue and ripped are kids devices away from them earlier this year. It’s funny how we trust the kids in such a dangerous environment, when we can’t even trust ourselves.

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