Amazed at Unamazement

I was watching ESPN and saw a guy send an email the other day.  So what, right?  These were both happening while 30,000 feet above the ground in an airplane.  This is crazy.  The fact that there is cable television and wireless internet are cool in and of themselves.  But these two cool things are happening on a flippin’ airplane.  Wow.  And as I looked around, people are all just sitting there reading, sleeping, watching, typing or whatever.  I did not see one person just sitting with a large grin and look of amazement.

It has been said that “time in erodes awareness of.”  The longer you see or do something or are a part of an organization, the more your ability to actually notice what is problematic and what is promising slowly dissolves.  And eventually you just miss it, whatever it is.

This is true with more than just institutions.  It is true with things that should amaze us.  I have become amazed with how un-amazed we are as people.  (I know un-amazed is not a word, but it makes the point).  There are things we see and feel and do everyday that should just blow our mind.  These things should remind us of the incredible power and awesomeness of the Creator and encourage us to be blown away at the potential that exists in the Creator’s most incredible creation: man.  I think we need to stop and spend a little more time being amazed.

Start being amazed by observing and reflecting the following:

  • a beautiful sunset or picturesque landscape
  • the ability of a child to learn how to read
  • someone’s ability to forgive a deep wound
  • the capabilities of your smartphone
  • a human eye and how it works
  • the tastes and smells of delicious meal
  • a wild animal at a dead sprint

3 thoughts on “Amazed at Unamazement

  1. Unamazed is a word…you are good there; however, I am not sure amazement is what I would feel watching a wild animal at a dead sprint…I am pretty sure that would be more like a loss of bodily functions due to terror…unless I was accompanied by someone who runs slower than I…and then I would be amazed and grateful that God made us all unique and some of us faster than others… 😉

    I jest. These are all good points…I just found great amusement in that last one…

  2. I am still amazed to find out what this “stupid” smart phone does. I just recently learned how to reply to emails off it.
    I think your talking about slowing down and smelling the roses.

  3. I have to say I totally agree with you. When I go through physiology classes and learn about all the amazing ways are bodies work, I am blown away. The way chemical exchanges occur, and the way things work on the micro level is breath taking. I feel the same way with physics and astronomy. Just looking up at the stars in the morning brings a smile to my face. I feel like I must be simple to see Gods face in so many extraordinary levels of his creation, because so many people act as if it is boring or shoulder shrug worthy.

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