Future Leaders

I get asked a lot of questions as a Lead Pastor.  Some I am ready for and others I am not.  As our church has grown, I have had to continue building a team.  I have had to hire people and say no to others and consider who we will hire next and so on.  One of the things that I am often forced to think about and that I am considering is future staff, and in particular future younger staff.  So I get asked this question: “What do you look for in young people that you think will be great staff members?”  People ask me what the traits are of someone I think will do well in vocation ministry or who will work in a church.  As I have pondered, made mistakes and made observations, I’ve collected some thoughts on what I’ve seen.

Here is the list of traits I look for in potential staff members (especially in young people).

  1. Teachability – They are hungry to learn and humble enough to change.  You can see that this person is willing to read when asked.  They are willing to ask good questions.  They will admit failure and faults.  They listen when wise people talk to them.  They take what they gain and they apply it.  They are resourceful in finding answers.  They will figure it out on their own without having to have their hand held.
  2. Missional – They make decisions with the mission of Jesus in mind.  They care about lost people.  They will do what it takes to reach people.  They see the big picture of the mission of Christ more than the moments culture is telling them to care about.  It is a priority for them that people come to know Christ.
  3. Transgenerational (I am pretty sure I made up a word) – These types of people can interact with people of any age.  They can engage adults that are way ahead of them and them go hang out with an 8 year old and make that child feel important.  They do not hide amongst people of their own age.  They respect those who have gone before, and they pour into those who are coming next.
  4. Active – They are doing something right now.  They are in the fray.  They are in ministry and are serving today.  They are not waiting for a job to drive a desire to get involved.  The gospel is their motivation to do something in this moment.  They do not have a “someday” mindset.  They are being the church in this moment.
  5. Dating Wisely – They are working hard to get it right in the world of relationships.  I believe that outside of becoming a Christian, the second most important decision you will make is who you marry (if you marry).  These young people are understanding security in Christ.  Singleness is not a defining issue.  They pursue purity.  They listen to older mentors and couples.  They find ways to make sure their relationship does not hinder their ministry.

It goes with out saying that these people need to love Jesus and love the Bible.  But these are some traits of young people that I am looking for to join our team and I think would be good for your team.

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