The Giant Tiger

One year I went to Kings Island with my family and my cousin and his family.  Right when we got there we decided to play some of those impossible games they have as you are walking along to rides.  You know the games where you have to land a quarter on a greased plate, or get a bowling ball to stop in super small hump or make a basket in a hoop that is not round and the ball will not fit in.  Well in this case, my cousin picked the game where he had to land small red ring on the really small top of a brown jug.  It looks like it is easy because there are so many jugs, but good luck if you try.  Well, my cousin drills it.  And he lands the ring on the jug.  He wins a GIANT tiger.  I mean this thing is huge.  He grabs it holds it over his 13 year old head or whatever we were and is pumped.  And then it hits him, he is going to have to carry this giant animal with him all day.  I mean this is the first thing we did.

I know.  Get to the point.  Who cares about the story?  Have you ever considered that you are making decisions in life at a young age that you are going to have to carry with you for the rest of your life?  Things that you got involved with too early and now there is a giant of some kind that goes with you everywhere you go and has to be considered as you navigate your day to day.  Here is what I am driving at.  Good or bad, your current decisions are coming with you.  I think we often try to chase things  when we need to wait because we have not considered what we may have to carry with us for the rest of our lives.  And the challenge of carrying something giant with you too early can be exhausting.  Make sure it is really the right time to chase whatever prize you are pursuing.

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