Let The Future Begin

Well it happened.   We opened our new building at Grace Fellowship.  What an amazing weekend and pair of services.  God moved in an incredible way.   Over 2000 people showed, we backed up traffic in the city of Pickerington, our coffee runners were hopping, our parking lot was insane, the new golf cart got lots of use, we gave away $15,000 for people to bless others “Just Because” and God spoke life to many.  We opened our services with a video that gives a sense of who we are and where we have been.  I was asked by many if we would make it available.  Enjoy!

One thought on “Let The Future Begin

  1. What an awesome Sunday that was. The building is beautiful. Pastor Keith was inspired and gave a very inspiring message. Traffic—well was a bit congested. 🙂 I would have waited in traffic for hours to be a part of that awesome day. thank you Pastor Keith and all of your staff for a very memorable day.

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