Star of the Show

I was at the Buckeye game the other day.  During the game they consistently showed groups of fans on the big screen.  Most of the time when people see they are on the big screen, they go crazy, make a scene and make sure people notice them.   They try to make themselves the center of the screen and make sure as many people as possible see them at the center of the experience.  But as the camera was moving about, it zoomed in one section of the crowd.  There was a guy who saw himself on the screen.  And when he saw himself, he did something and something very different than most.  He sat down.  He got out of the way.  On purpose he removed himself and let others have the screen.  He deferred.

Now you might say he was embarrassed or camera shy.  And maybe He was.  But as  I saw his face, I do not think that was the case.  I think he made a conscious decision.  Whatever the reason, here was the result.  His glory was less and this allowed the glory of others to be more.  As I ponder this idea, I see Jesus.  Someone who put down His glory, so that others could experience glory.  Imagine a world where people deferred to others, and more importantly to God, rather than take center screen for themselves.

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