I spent some time in the state of Washington this past weekend to perform a wedding for a couple in our church.  As I was there, I learned that the area of Washington I was in is wine country.   Like legit, up and coming, super-quality wine country.  And wine country means vineyards.

I got to spend some time in a vineyard.  In fact, the wedding itself was in a vineyard.  Over the course of about 48 hours, I learned more about soil, grapes, wine and vineyards than I ever thought I would know.  It was cool.

It was incredible to hear how acres upon acres of a vineyard are pruned and harvested by hand.  The amount of time and focus and effort that goes into growing these quality grapes is amazing.  There is so much that goes into growing the perfect grape or cluster of grapes.  My mind was quickly taken to John 15:1-9.  I kept thinking about God the Father as the gardener of each Christian.  I was reminded of all God does to care for and develop those who claim His name.  Here is the bottom line.  The Father is always intentionally growing His followers.  Every cut.  Each drop of water.  Every seed that is planted or thrown away.  Everything.  The Father is always working to shape those who love Him.

If you are a Christian, take comfort.  God is working on you.  He is spending more time and focus and energy growing you than you will ever know.  So that you can be presented perfect.  Keep trusting in the constant work of a Heavenly Father who loves you.

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