I have a closet full of shirts: dress shirts, golf shirts, V-necks, t-shirts, and most certainly plaid shirts.  The other day I bought 2 more shirts and then I got another shirt for my birthday.  I was putting them in my closet and I thought this is ridiculous.  I have too many shirts (and truth be told, too many clothes in general).  As I thought about this for a few minutes, I thought I need to do something to address this.  Now I am came up with something.  It is not revolutionary.  It is not magical.  It is not all that creative.  But it is an attempt to address the ridiculousness of shirts in my life.  For every new shirt (of any kind) I get, I will give away one shirt.  I will give it to a ministry, or a person, or a cause or whatever.  It is not going to be sacrificial at all to do this, but it will help me take a clear step to loving my neighbor as myself.

3 thoughts on “Shirts

  1. However, that leaves you with the same number of shirts that you agree is out of control. So… for each new one you get, give TWO away. It will decrease your supply, bless your neighbor, and give you back closet space!

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