Lasting Work

Our church has been in a sermon series about work.  As a result, I have been thinking about work, the meaning of work, the effects of work, the power of work and so on.  Not long ago my son had made some ships with legos.  He had them sitting in his room.  Over the course of playing in his room, he broke parts of each ship over time.  And then eventually all of the ships were destroyed.   I thought about this silly little scenario.  I thought back to the day that Kaden worked so hard to build those ships.  And then over time, they were all gone.

As I pondered these lego ships, my brain went to something much more significant.  How much of life and time and energy and resources are going to things that will quite quickly be gone?  My focus and priority have been given to what will slowly break and then ultimately be ruined.  The best stewardship of our lives will always be in building what will last when we are gone.  Building the character and habits of those we love.  Building a spirit that dreams and works hard.  Building memories and experiences that can not be destroyed.  Building the kingdom of God through the church.  And so on.  How much better would our lives and the lives of people in general be if we worked on and built what matters and what lasts?

One thought on “Lasting Work

  1. Your thoughts today were very well put. Life is short so think on these things for they are truly the things that matter most.

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