Fear Not

I think the single greatest challenge people trying to influence others face is fear.   I do.  There are lots of challenges when trying to lead, shape, and direct people.  There are the challenges of finances, structures, history, competing interests, personnel, etc.  But amidst everything that is thrown at a parent, coach, teacher, boss, pastor or any leader, I think fear is the one people have to battle with.  More potential good and change has died before it ever got a chance to live because of fear.  And I will press by calling out in my opinion leaders greatest fear.  I think most people fear other people.  They fear their opinions.  They fear people leaving.  They fear resistance.  They fear being mocked.  They fear the change that will need to follow.  I have seen the chronic problem of leaders who are relational cowards.

This is interesting considering that the number one command Jesus taught people was “fear not.”  I am not making an argument to say you should believe or follow Jesus.  I am just saying that the facts are Jesus said that people should not fear.  His point was that when you know him, you will not fear.  You will not fear people, trials, circumstances, the unknown and so on.   You will not fear anything when you walk with Christ, not because things are not scary, but because you know HE is with you and that the right decision is right regardless of how others perceive it.

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