The Future

I am not one who likes to live in the future.  I think making the most of each and every now is the best way to go.  But that said, here are some things that are coming this fall that I am really looking forward to.

  1. Fall weather – give me that 58 degree day with a breeze for jeans and a light long-sleeve hoodie.
  2. Football – enough said, I am over just talking about the season and want to see some games.
  3. Flag football – my son is playing flag football and I am coaching him.
  4. Upcoming sermon series – our church has some really good sermon series coming this fall including Rescuing the Lost, One, and The Future.
  5. School – I love watching my kids learn and with my daughter  now in kindergarten, it should be exciting to watch them both grow.
  6. New building – we are not that far from being able to move to our new building as a church.
  7. Date night routine – my wife and I have a date night routine and summer and travel have thrown it off.
  8. Grace group for seniors in high school – I am looking forward to the small group I am going to be doing for seniors in high school.

3 thoughts on “The Future

  1. Sounds like an exciting fall for you. I don’t mind fall but I really dread winter. I need to find a way to look forward to cold, snow, and ice but not sure there is anything to prepare me for that. 🙂 Looking forward to moving to the new church and all the new messages to encourage us and help us grow in grace.

  2. I am so looking forward to Grace Groups starting again. And to be honest….I got all excited abiut the new grace groups for seniors…..then realized it said high school seniors! LOL… Ok so I’m a little new at being a senior citizen. Ok maybe not that new… and the ages to be a senior citizen varies… ANYWAY…looking forward to fall for that reason…. 🙂

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