Take It to the End

What happens at the end of the path?  You do not ultimately know unless you follow it to the end.  I am so surprised how little people think through their worldview and what is the logical end of any particular thought path.  I would certainly be willing to admit that I could be wrong about many of the things I believe and think.  But one thing I work really hard to do is to follow my views to the end of where the view goes.  In thinking through the thought path, it is not about just what is at the end, but what are the implications along the way.  I personally believe it is intellectual laziness to not evaluate the logical conclusions of one’s worldview.  Even if a person disagrees about the worldview another subscribes to, it should be evident that each understands the full scope of what he or she is believing and saying.

Consider the following.  What happens when you follow these to the end?  What are the thoughts that flow from these paths along the way?

  • Everyone can believe what they want and no one can tell them they are wrong with a behavior that flows from that belief.
  • There are no absolutes.
  • All gods are really the same.
  • It is just important that a person has a sincere belief.
  • Good works get you to the place you want to go after you die.
  • I can not believe in something I do not see.
  • I am a Christian.
  • There is only some of the Bible we should trust or follow.
  • It is not important what happens when I die.

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