Single Parents

Single parents are incredible.  The ability to navigate the day to day while still having a vision for your children is something that makes me marvel.  This segment of the population is often overlooked when it comes to caring and serving groups of people who are in need.  Single parents give and give and give and so often no one is filling their cup again.

For the last few years our church has tried to address and serve this group of individuals in our community.  This Saturday at the local high school there will be many volunteers serving single parents.  We want each person who attends to be valued.  We always want our community to know we value those that many do not value.

If you are a single parent please attend.  Please.  We want you to know you are loved.  Just come and be served.
Please invite single parents that are your friends, neighbors, and coworkers.   Please.  Take a moment and ask them to come.  Even if you think he or she may say no, just try.  Just ask.


One thought on “Single Parents

  1. Having raised my three children alone, I just want to say thank you to Grace Fellowship for recognising how hard it is to be a single parent and being there for a group of people who often feel very alone for a whole variety of reasons. Even if both parents are involved, they may both be going it alone, instead of working in tandem.

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