I am going to be hanging out with high school kids this fall and I am really excited about it.  In fact, I am really jazzed about it.  I (alongside my wife Kelly) are going to be leading a small group (Grace Group) for the seniors in high school of Grace Fellowship.  Any and all seniors are going to be invited and we really want them there.   I think this is going to be a really profitable time for these students as we think about the next phase of their lives.  We plan to learn together and have a blast a long the way.  If you are a parent of an upcoming senior at Grace I want to push you to push your child to be a part of this group.  Details are coming.  It will be on Sunday nights.  I feel so blessed to have a chance to pour into the senior students of our church.

2 thoughts on “Seniors

  1. Praying for success for this venture. We so need good leadership for our young people. So many broken homes leave children hurting. I was so blessed to have two parents who loved me and lead me in the right direction. I wish you much success.

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