New Building

Many who read this blog are aware that the church I pastor is building a new building.  It is scheduled to open late this fall.  I was over there the other day walking the facility and the property.  I can not even begin to communicate my excitement and enthusiasm!  Many will read or hear this and think my emotions are simply connected to this facility.  But here is the thing, this building is just another piece of the next chapter of Grace Fellowship.  And I believe this next chapter is going to be amazing.  The potential of the people that will fill and use this new building is off the charts.  If you are a part of Grace Fellowship, the best is yet to come.  If you are not, look out, because you are going to feel the presence of a movement during this next chapter.

One thought on “New Building

  1. I can not wait. As I watch the news and look around me people need to wake up because the ripples are on the water showing the time is growing short when God will say enough–and the trumpet will sound. i hope we will soon outgrow this new building.

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