Be Weird

Have you thought about the idea of normal much lately?  Normal is the idea of average, regular, accepted.  It is really interesting to see what traits and realities are associated with normal these days.  As you look at the following, I bet you either find yourself or many you know.  

Here is normal:

  • financially stressed, which manifests itself in living pay check to check, thousands of dollars of consumer debt, and no savings for the end of life
  • fractured family life marked by divorced parents, shared parenting, and absent fathers
  • unstable emotional states resulting in depression, anxiety, obsessiveness and a need for psychotropic drugs
  • unquenchable pursuit of the perfect body resulting in crash diets, eating disorders, obsessive working out, and addictions to working out
  • never-ending pursuit of the latest thing resulting in splurge spending, piles of debt, a constant quest for more, the trap of regular comparison, and the growth of more self-centeredness

It just may be time for people to stop being normal and start being weird.  But let’s be honest normal is not very pretty these days.  I think there is a generation coming that can change this.

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