Golf – 1st Shots

Golf is an incredible game.  It has to be.  People, like myself, who are just terrible at it, keeping paying lots of money and spending large amounts of time to play it.  And as they play, they just keep getting frustrated.  The ball is still and there is no crowd to deal with and yet hitting that little circle in the right direction with the right distance is just flat hard.  All this is true and people keep playing.  Maybe it is the scenery or the time with others on the course or the challenge or the few good shots – whatever the case, people keep playing.

There are so many lessons that come out of this silly game.  I was reminded of one the other day.  I am terrible off the tee.  My ball bends right.  I rarely hit it square, which means I do not hit it long.  So rarely do I find myself in the fairway.  When I play with people who are good, they often have good first shots.  Now this is not always true, but by percentages, when you hit good first shots you give yourself a greater chance of being successful on the shots to follow.  This leads to lower scores and a better round.  Here is my point – when you get it right early, you set yourself up to get it right later.  These are the percentages.  Figuring out life earlier is better.  When it comes to relationships, managing your money, being a spouse, parenting your kids, establishing a work ethic, creating a healthy diet and so 0n – hitting a good ball early.  It will set you up well for the future.  I have never met someone who regrets getting “it” earlier, but I have met many who regret getting “it” so late.  

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