I saw the new superman this past weekend.  So I was thinking about Superman a little bit the other day.  He is able to do so many amazing things, after all he is Superman.  But even Superman can not deal with kryptonite.  There is something in his world that makes him weak, that owns him.  When he is around kryptonite it turns this powerful superhero into a regular guy.  As I was thinking about this (I know it is silly), something real hit me.  Every person has his or her own kryptonite that turns them from a potential world changer to a regular joe.  For some this is drugs or alcohol, for others it is relationships, for some it is greed, and for others it is power.  I may not have listed yours, but I am sure you have one, we all do.  And just like Superman, we need to know what has the potential to own us and we need to keep it at a distance.  Discover your kryptonite and stay far, far away!

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